BEADS: Delica and Tila beads are my favorites because they are the highest quality available.  They are lightweight and stack beautifully for a defined, clean aesthetic.

THREAD: Nymo thread and Fireline are my strong threading materials.

EAR WIRES: Ear wires are handmade by me in sterling silver or gold filled 21 or 22 gauge wire.  I can use other metals upon request.  The ear wires are made in a specific way which prevents them from slipping off of the earrings.

BACKING: The top portion of the classic fringe earrings (excluding the tassel earrings) is bonded and securely stitched to repurposed leather or faux leather.  This technique gives the earrings a sturdiness and prevents the top portion from curling and distorting the design.

**NOTE: I am phasing out the use of leather but I still have a bit left and I don’t want it to go to waste.  I am planning on a vegan future for WMJ.  Requests for faux leather now: bring them on, but please contact me before you order.