Oh hello!

My name is Rachel and I live in Lawrence, Kansas with my husband Chris and three dogs Harvey, Chops, and Olive. In a nutshell, I love dogs (obvi), bad movies and comedies, dessert, long walks, Colorado and drag queens. I came to Lawrence originally to attend KU Film school, graduated and decided to stay.  We love living in Lawrence. 

I started beading around 2006.  I have always been obsessed with colors...I cannot think of a better way to sum myself up as an artist besides saying:  I LOVE COLORS.  I also love textures and shapes and trying to create outside the box of traditional beading.  Once I realized that color combinations and design concepts with small beads were infinite, I knew I had found an outlet for my passion.  

My dreams include living in the country and fostering animals fulltime at our home.  I would love to expand my business and live minimally so I can give back more frequently.

Thanks for checking me out:) and for keeping this one-woman show afloat!